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We have an impressive induction heating technology of specialized supplies for your heating process needs.

We offer induction heating equipment or system as well as related products for sale at competitive prices.

We offer the highest quality of our products, because our customers need the best.

Our induction heating are applicable in brazing, bolt heating, coating removal, hardening, tempering, straightening, shrink fitting for most industries such as automotive, aviation, electrotechnical, power tools, oil & gas, packaging and we are capable to build custom made solution for your heating needs.

If you are looking for SAFE, FAST, ACCURATE for induction heating quality products with local after sales supports, please contact us.

Thank you.  



Our mobile induction equipment are small and easy to carry, thanks to our design and build team from Sweden factory.
The power source range from 10kW to 80kW for application like brazing, bolt heating, pre-heating, hardening, tempering, shrink fittings and straightening which heating temperature up to ~1200 Degree Celsius for ferrous to non ferrous electric conductive material such as aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or other special alloy.

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Induction heating technology able to provide SAFE, FAST and PRECISE heating without flame (fire or acetylene + oxygen). 
During heating in progress, there is not heaty environment created. And less noticeable sound. 
With the correct induction coils we design and made for your parts, the heating process is precise and target at where we want to heat.
Our induction heating equipment is easy to operate. We provide setup, installation, testing, commissioning and training for all our customers.

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Induction heating technology have been widely uses in many applications in many industries worldwide.
Brazing for aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel up to titanium in automotive, aviation, electrotechnical / power plant.
Bolt heating for steam turbine (IP & HP casing), main steam valves in power plant during outage.
Coating removal for rubber liner, epoxy coating, special coat such as Bolidt and Chartek in marine, oil & gas, and petrochemical industry.
Hardening and tempering for gears, crankshafts and timing solid shafts, drive shafts, driven shafts, torsion bars, swinging levers, CV joints, valves, perforators, slewing rings, inner and outer bearing races.
Shrink fittings, straightening, pre-heating and post heating heat treatment are also using induction heating technology for many industries nowadays due to the advantages compare to conventional heating method.


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